SRS meeting on Mars 31

Summery of panel discussion

As a new element of the SRS meeting representatives of four Swedish space industries and SNSB were invited to sit on a panel to discuss technical cooperation between research groups and the relevant industries. The following representatives formed the panel:

–         Lars Nordfeldt (RUAG Space AB)

–         Anna Rahtsman (Swedish Space Corporation)

–         Martin Kores (Omnisys Instruments AB

–         Fredrik Bruhn (ÅAC Microtec AB)

–         Christer Nilsson (SNSB)

The discussion was moderated by Mats André (Swedish Institute of Space Physics).

The industry representatives were initially given 5 min each to present their resp. company and its science-relevant activities. From the discussion and interventions that followed during the remaining 40 minutes, based on some specific questions asked by the moderator, it can be concluded that industry welcomes cooperation with scientists from universities and institutes and would like to see an increased activity, regarding both specific developments proposed by scientists and technical studies initiated by e.g. ESA. A Lars Nordfeldt said that in order to promote this activity he would like to know more about the skills and resources that are available in research groups. Some voices from the audience commented on the anticipated high costs associated with industrial activities. It was agreed that cost in combination with an insufficient budget is a problem, but it was at the same tome emphasised by others, including the panel, that while waiting for a better budget to become available one could try to actively identify common projects that may after all be affordable by exploiting synergies between basic science and applications/commercialisation.

The SRS Executive Committee, together with SNSB, will reflect on the outcome of the short panel discussion and discuss how to best continue the dialogue with industry.


Programme for the SRS meeting.


Pictures from the meeting.


Presentations (pdf files)

Cecilia Johansson

Carina M Persson

Kristine Dannenberg

David Hobbs

F. Khosrawi

Susanne Kratzer

Leif Eriksson

Lars Karlsson

Dag Linnarsson

Per Magnusson

Göran Marklund

Lennart Nordh



Sandra Siljeström

Swedish Space Corporation

Anke Thoss


Fredrik Bruhn, ÅAC Microtec




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