Automated satelllite image supply solution - Keystone


Three fundamental trends indicate a paradigm shift for Earth observation from satellites:

the emergence of application areas, such as GMES, requiring large volumes of imagery from satellite and other imagery sources delivered quickly and at low cost
the widespread establishment of Geographical Information Systems for data integration and manipulation
the development and uptake of open standards for geoinformation distribution and exchange. 


The Keystone project was established to develop a technological platform for production and delivery of imagery products that is able to address and exploit these trends.


The result of Keystone is a highly automated system for archiving, cataloguing and processing of digital images from satellites and other digital sensors. It delivers GIS-ready products through an automated workflow that minimises manual intervention and significantly shortens image delivery times. The throughput is also highly scalable to support a wide range of performance requirements.

The image data stored in the Keystone server is accessed through an integrated Web-based interface that allows the imagery to be reviewed in both an overview and all the way to full resolution in geographically oriented, map-based views. The system is built using the latest open-source technologies and Open GIS standards, making it ideal for seamlessly serving image data into an existing GIS environment.


Lars-Åke Edgardh, Spacemetric, lae(a)

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